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Can Abusers in Denial Change? – A Case Study

  • Couple in Their 50’s with Blended Family
  • Upper Middle Class Traditional Marital Roles

Eve was a bright woman in her early 50’s married to Scott, a successful professional in his late 50’s. The couple enjoyed the finest restaurants and beach resorts. They had four children between them, and there was much love (as well as, classic blended family conflict) to go around for everyone.

From the outside looking in, they had it all. What was missing was as sense of personal safety for Eve. And with that gone, Scott lost his place in the both the marital bed and marital home. Despite their troubled waters, their love continued to surround them. Admittedly, Eve was dependently attached financially, and Scott emotionally dependent on Eve.

To read the complete article, please visit: Can Abusers in Denial Change? – A Case Study

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